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Virginia's Music Soul
The Heart of Hampton Roads

This site celebrates the rich history of music in the Hampton Roads area and beyond.  It includes the names of international legends, local legends, obscure but important artists, and some of the behind the scenes giants who made an impact on the music world

Lenis Guess
The Legend
The legendary Lenis Guess is still doing his thing in NY, writing, producing, directing, and performing.

Connell Moss
The Singing Chef
Connell Moss is an accomplished songwriter and recording artist,  He owns and operates Miss Peaches, a restaurant specializing in Southern Cuisine.

Where Songwriters Surf
Tunesmith is a Nashville based songwriting site with something to offer for any songwriter.  General Jo is an Administrator on the site, and is known there as Son of A Muse.

Jack Dark
Tae Kwon Do Champions

Jack Dark, III started studying Tae Kwon Do under Master Harold Hankins on 35th Street in Norfolk. He became the prize student, winning countless tournaments and full contact battles. This Hall of Fame Black Belt instructor now teaches at his own school in Virginia Beach; a curriculum of Tae Kwon Do and Haidong Gumdo.

Jack Dark’s father was once the road manager for Gary US Bonds. Jack III has also been involved in the entertainment world, as a special bodyguard, and security for numerous acts. Jack was also the featured actor for a nationally aired television show.